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My Pup Breeds Me


I love my pup so much, not only because he's supportive of what I do but because he gets off on fucking in front of a camera with me. This is one of our own personal sex tapes that I had my guy edit so you guys can see how we fuck and interact when it's just the two of us. This one is definitely more on the sensual side.

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Comments: 7

roducl (02/22/17)
Still sweet, lovely and hot after all these years.

hornydude40 (07/17/14)
this is my favorite video of them all I love how you lead us through the night and all the things you do to make everything so special for your pup you guys are a really special couple!

meee7st (04/29/14)
Very nice and sexy couples vid, hope you two do more love the voyeur videos. Would have loved to been a fly one the wall, better yet laying in bed next to you watching. Fuck yeah

DeviantOtter (04/14/14)
Maybe I can convince my pup to do another video ;)

MenInMaine (03/11/14)
You two are so, so, so hot!

harry1234 (03/11/14)
This is so hot. I can't wait to see a video where you eat out your pup's hairy ass. Mmm.

topfurman (03/09/14)
Loved it, enjoyed watching your pup fuck you raw…..and what a sweet ass there! Yowzer…..

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