Behind the Smut: Fluffin' and Stuffin'


Found this clip of raw footage of me and Dustin Steele when I was cleaning out one of my porn folders. I guess I had only used my cumshot in the original video. If I remember correctly we had taken a break from fucking and then his ass tightened up again, so I sucked him off to get him in the mood again. And then eventually I was able to get back in him. I love this dude, he looks like he’d kick your ass for looking at him wrong, but put a dick in his ass and he’s moaning like a  little bitch, fucking hot.

British Invasion Trailer


So I have no clue when me and Drew started chatting, but I always said if he ever ended up in Florida I’d be happy to show him a good time. So I guess last week he and his man, Kai, we’re visiting the States to film with some other companies so it worked out perfect for us to finally meet up…especially because I don’t have the bank roll to be flying boys over states, let alone oceans. The second I met these dudes I was instantly charmed by their accents and British quirks. But when it comes to the fucking, holy shit, Kai is a BEAST and Drew can take a brutal pounding/fist, so they're practically a match made in slut heaven. We got into lots of fun stuff like piss, DP, hole stretching, but I think my favorite was servicing their uncut British cocks and sucking on their foreskin, I can never get enough! Now I just need to get my bottom game in check to prepare for Kai’s dick the next time they cross the pond.

Behind the Smut: Declan Moore


I wanted to drink this kids piss so bad, but he was always saying that he wasn’t into piss. Then come to find out he was pissing on himself and everyone else in his past two shoots before coming over to my place, so I had to get in at least one stream. I also included some of the raw footage of when I was banging him out that wasn’t in the original vid. You can totally see my buddy Nick has a raging hard on at some points while he was filming us. So hot.

Breed Me Deep Bro Trailer


So my buddy Jace came up for the holiday weekend with the only intention of throwing some drinks back and chilling by the pool. However, something happens to me when I’m around him, and I turn into a thirsty, cock hungry, submissive bottom. I don’t know if its because he’s just such dude like all my frat bros from college, or if its because he’ll fuck the living hell out of you with no mercy…probably a combo of both. Either way, hope you guys watch him tear my ass a new one!

Behind the Smut: Boys Love Their Toys Trailer


Every fisting bottom is different. Some like to stretch out at home, others like to just shove a big plug up their ass, and then their are the ones that I especially love, the ones that let you help them open up from the start. I kept this footage out of the original update because it was a bit long and filmed in realtime, and I didn’t wanna mess with the intensity of the fisting action. However, I think some of this warming up footage may be hotter than the original post, so I wanted to share it with you guys. And please let me know if this is stuff you guys wanna see and what else I can do to help you milk those cocks dry!

Stoned and Boned Trailer


Me and this dude have wanted to blaze and fuck for what feels like forever. We finally just met a month ago at gang bang shoot during Southern Decadence, but we didn’t have any time for some one on one action. Well to my good fortune, it turned out that he was going to be in Fort Lauderdale shortly after the trip and he had some down time. Needless to say we got stoned off our asses and then used his until he shoot a giant load all over himself. And don’t even get me started on that puppy dog face he makes, it makes my nuts throb. Fucking woof.

Big Ass Muscle Trailer


I mean there’s not really much more that I can say, that ass speaks for itself. I’ve fucked around with muscle dudes before, but something new went off in me when he put his hands behind his head and flexed those massive arms. I have always appreciated muscle, but now I think I’m going to be renting muscle dudes just so I can sit on there chest and jerk off while admiring their pits and mass. Glad to know you can still discover new things you enjoy after being a man slut for so many years!

Hard Long Pounding Trailer


I’m just finding all kind of friendly neighbors all the time down here in SoFlo. I had no clue that this stud and his booty was living just up the street from me since I moved here. Thank goodness for Twitter. So we finally set a date to fuck, but now there’s loud ass street construction going on by my house, so I asked my buddy Nick if we could film in his yard…and because he’s awesome at filming which means I don’t have to hold the phone which is awesome. I really enjoy making these videos way more when I have someone to hold the camera so I can just go to town on my dude. And I fuckin’ went to fuckin' town on him, I got mad bruises up my thighs from ramming him into the chair, totally worth it. I think we’re going to become good deviant friends!

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