Quick Cum Dump


Last week my buddy Luke from NYC came to visit me and my boyfriend because we never really get enough time to properly catch up when we see each other out at various slutty events. We didn’t really plan on shooting anything, but we started hooking up after getting drunk at bar and I remembered how much I loved his dick so I decided that I needed a vid of his raw cock in my ass. Every time we’ve fucked before he wore a condom, but he’s finally been on board with raw-dogging it, so I was really stoked to feel his raw dick in me for the first time. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed getting pounded out by Luke because he always looks angry, even if he’s not, he’s got such a mean face and looks borderline criminal. Since we slept late we didn’t have a lot of time to fuck around before he had to catch his train, but I was still really hungry for that raw dick so I made him pound me out a few different ways real quick before sending him on his way. 

Double Dicking Boyfriends Raw


As much as I enjoy threeways/group sex with random dudes, I truly love being a couple’s play toy. Boyfriends already know what buttons to push to make their mate squirm and it makes for all the better sex. So while I was chilling in SF I met up with my boy Max Cameron and his sexy scruffy man, Jackson Fillmore. Me and Max have been talking about a threeway with his man since we met so I was stoked to finally have the chance. Going into this my main goal was to DP Max, and holy fuck did it feel amazing, but then Jackson kept giving up his hole too so that was just an added bonus! They were such hot, raw sex and an amazing couple; Max even graciously gave up my load to Jackson because he’d already had it before and wanted Jackson to experience what it felt like for my thick seed to be shoved deep into his ass. Now if thats not true love, I don’t know what is!

California Creamin'


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining other deviants in San Fransisco for the Folsom

Street Fair and had a fucking blast! I knew I was getting into town early so I made it my goal to

reconnect with some familiar faces before all the the main festivities. A few days before flying out

I hit up my buddy Leon, who’s a SF local, just to make sure that he was around because I cannot

tell you how much I love his sex. I swear his sex is magical. Originally I was planning on him

fucking me, but when we started fooling around his hole kinda got greedy and kept eating my

dick so I had to eventually just submit to his hole. He’s the kind of lay that you never know if

you’ve given them enough because they just love taking dick and enough is just never enough.

And every time my raw, wet cock came out of his used hole, he’d slam it down his throat without

hesitation just to make sure he got every drop of precum possible. Even after creamin' up his ass

he licked my cock clean to ensure he got all my DNA in him. Leon is truly the living example of

the expression, waste not, want not.

At The Y.M.C.A.


I’ve always fantasied about servicing a guy in an abandoned building, and just a couple weeks ago that fantasy came true with the help of my buddy Xavier. Since we had only seen the old YMCA from the outside during the day we had no idea what condition the inside was in, or if there were any good places to film. While looking around we found a stairwell that was exposed to the street so he started to blow me there for a bit, but I was in serious need of plowing his ass so we kept searching for a more intimate spot. It didn’t take long before we discovered a room behind what appeared to be the old locker rooms, but it was pitch black and we needed some extra light, so I called up my boyfriend for some reinforcement. The space was solid concrete so even the faintest moan would echo off the walls and envelop the entire room, every pant and slurp amplified traveling back through our bodies, it was incredibly erotic. Last time you guys saw me giving up my hole to Xavier, but this time around his tight ass was mine to destroy and breed. Just a quick disclaimer: this video is out of focus at times and it’s not the ideal lighting, but I’m not trying to produce glossy studio porn. I record natural sex, in real time, in actual locations. If watching real documented sex is your thing, you’re going to enjoy this, I guarantee. 

Scope Out **Bonus Update**


Besides exploring the local beaches for me and Xavier’s first vid, we also took a drive around town to scope out some public spaces that might be fun to film. We weren’t finding anything all that exciting so I told him my gym parking lot is always one of my go-to’s when I’m in need of a little adrenalin booster. Unfortunately we didn’t get to bust a nut (although we did precum a ton) because some woman kept looking in and it was killing my mood, BUT that did force us to go exploring more, and so for that I thank her because we found an awesome place to fuck later that night! Stay tuned for next week’s smutty fuck update: we break into an abandoned YMCA and I fill him up with my loads, including that tight hungry hole. 

Pent Up


I’m always thrilled when a random dude shows up to fuck around and is cool with me filming some of the action. I had met this dude, Miguel, off one of the hookup apps this past week. We really didn’t get into any details besides what day he was coming over, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I picked him up at the train station and he wanted to go to the liquor store to buy some Hennessy, which isn’t too out of the norm, but then he said it was because liquor wouldn’t show in his piss test. Come to find out this guy’s been living in a halfway house and is on probation for some trouble with the law a few years back. He said it’s slim pickings with his “situation” so the poor guy hadn’t sucked cock in months, so I felt like it was almost my civic duty to help rehabilitate him back into society. At first I thought he might stab me and steal my shit, but I was willing to take that risk because he was pent up and would probably do anything I wanted. Luckily the only thing he ended up taking from me was my piss and cum, and the only stabbing going on was my cock in his throat. 

Bare Beach Bromance


So many words come to my mind when I think of Xavier Jacobs: gorgeous, rugged, passionate, humble, kinky, seductive, charming, adventurous, romantic, but most of all, insatiable. This stud is the real deal. Every waking moment, and I’m pretty sure even some moments when I was passed out, this man was on my dick and up my ass. He’s pretty much a walking boner. To catch you up to speed me and Xavier “met” on Twitter and have been texting each other dirty pics and raunchy vids every day now for over a year, 411 files to be exact. We’ve become really good buds and had been talking about making a video since we first started chatting, but he’s a busy guy, works hard, and has also had some amazing offers from some really great studios. I wanted to give him as much time as he needed to think about his opportunities and to see what felt right for him. Well, my lucky ass must have felt right enough for him, because I have the honor and privilege of officially debuting this stud to the porn world. Finally after blue-balliing ourselves for so long we set aside six consecutive days this past week to make up for all of the lost time. We fucked around everywhere we went, and I always had my camera handy, so we got a ton of hot, raw footage. To start things off we thought it would be exciting to explore the local beach and have some good old-fashioned fun in public. The great thing about fucking bare is all you need is some spit and you’re good to go anywhere, anytime! Thank you Xavier Jacobs for existing, you are a beautiful man inside and out, and I love you. I can’t wait to share what other filth we have in store, we’re just getting started folks!



If you follow me on any social media you know that I’m constantly jerking my cock and pumping out loads, but unfortunately those are limited to just short clips because of restrictions, rules, guidelines, etc. I've decided it’s about time that I did a raunchy extended solo update for you guys so you can watch how I like to please myself when another cock isn’t around to play with. This self-fuck session is usually what I do every time after I go to the gym (because all the hot, trashy, Shore boys get me all worked up), so I figured it would be fun if I shared with you my dirty post-workout ritual. Without fail I always have an overly full bladder after all that hydrating, so you can be sure that I’m recycle when I get home, you know us otters aren’t afraid of getting a little wet!

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