Maine Mouth Bang Trailer


Pretty much what the title says! I drove to Maine and worshiped my buddy’s massive uncut cock with my face hole for the entire afternoon. His straight roommates were home so we couldn’t get too loud, so naturally I just kept his cock in my mouth the majority of the time to prevent me from blowing up his spot. I got dicknotized and lost track of time and the camera battery was almost dead, so I jumped on his fat hog and rode him as much as I could before the clock ran out. I almost wish I hadn’t taken that beautiful penis because it’s been such a tease ever since I got a taste, but don’t worry gents, next time that cock is strictly for my meat pocket.

Muscle Bare Trailer


Everyday I get a bunch of requests of additional things you guys would like to see in my videos, so I decided this month I would try and tackle a few of those. Usually I have otters or the guy next door types on my site, but I wanted to mix it up based on some of yours’ desires and have my buddy Marco make a fuck vid. Also lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages from guys who have a big fetish for smoking so I lit up a few butts while getting serviced. And for my last fulfillment this week, I don’t pull out and cum on his furry hole, I just unload deep in his ass and keep fucking him till he shoots. And if none of these happen to be your thing stay tuned, and keep sending in those requests!

Private Stash Trailer


Last update I shared with you guys just the solo vids I’d taken on my phone since the start of my site, so to continue with the theme I wanted to share some of the hookup videos from my phone (some dating back four years before I even was a deviant otter…more a curious cub). These are some of my most cherished clips that I’ve held onto for years because a lot of these hookups were milestones for me, in one way or another, and have led and shaped me into the man/pervert I am today. Hope you guys enjoy them!

An Otter Cumpilation Trailer


Today marks the Two Year Anniversary of's launch! So first off, a HUGE thank you too all of you have been with me from the beginning and for supporting my unpolished, slutty shenanigans; and also a big thanks to all of my new supporters over the past year for taking chance on something different! You all have helped reinforce me to believe that there are plenty of men out there who prefer to watch real guys having real sex, rather than a fancy production, so I am forever grateful. I can't tell you how proud I am of our accomplishments and none of this would be possible without my members, so thank you guys for helping me to try and live out my dream. It's been a really interesting, strange, but amazing past two years and I have been learning and growing with every update. I'm hoping to take my experiences and lessons that I’ve learned so far to make this site an even better experience for you over the next year and so on. So I thought a great way to celebrate with you guys would be by sharing a bunch of personal jerk off vids from my phone that I've filmed over the past two years and have yet to post. Some clips are from sexting dudes, others are drunk late nights, or getting off in public, a few pissing myself, some playing with my hole, and definitely a healthy amount of shooting loads all over my face and chest. In total, after scrounging my hard drives I dug up about 50 different clips (that were decent enough video quality) with over 30 loads from yours truly. I’m no mathematician, but thats on average at least one cum shot per minute :-) Thank you for being a friend!

On Edge


Lately I’ve been exploring my neighborhood more, and by exploring I mean trolling on the hookup apps. I’ve been chatting with this dude for months since I moved to the area but we’ve always had reasons why we couldn’t meet up. To my good fortune he finally had a day off and was around to chill and see where things go. Initially we were just going to hangout and get to know each other, but me being the exhibitionist I am, I decided to whip out my camera and see where it took us. Now, I know clean-cut, yuppie guys aren’t usually my target, but I’m down to play with anyone that has a little freak in them; and this guy loved to make me squirm which I thought was wicked hot. Usually if a dude has tried to edge me in the past I just pin him down and finish, but there was something really gratifying about it this time. So remember folks, always be open minded and try things a few times before you dismiss it, sometimes it just takes finding the right person to crank them gears!

Snow Day Blow Day


Who doesn’t love a snow day?! You get out of your daily obligations and get a full day free to do whatever (and sometimes whoever) you want! It just so happened that this sexy otter, Hunter, who I met at MAL this year, was staying at a mutual buddy’s place in Boston and got stuck because of the shitty weather. I had fucked him real quick at MAL this year, but was in serious need of a second round with a little less time constraints so I told him to come over and kill some time (After fucking him the first time he texted me right after saying , “I’m so happy to sleep with your DNA in my guys.” WOOOOF!! So just as I’m coordinating this with Hunter, my wicked hot neighbor told me he was working from home and wanted to play. I told him that I was planning on a shooting a vid so I couldn’t, but he told me he would be down to film and join in if I didn’t show his face. I didn’t really know what to expect, but damn can people really surprise you sometimes! So thank you Boston weather for the extra dick this week.

Good Pig


After a year and a half hiatus my buddy Dakota is finally back! We ran into each other at MAL in DC this past week and he said that he wanted me to breed him on cam for the first time. He was all about condoms before, but recently has embraced his inner slut and I couldn’t be more thrilled! For real, I’ve wanted to breed his ass since we first met years ago so this has been a long time coming. Being the good pig he is, it was difficult for us to find some time to film something during the weekend (so many people to do, so little time) so we ended up getting raunchy right before we had to check out of the hotel which just made the entire experience al the more fun. And my apologies to the hotel staff, I will be better next time about locking the door…or not. 

Slut Practice


Another MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) is just a few days away and every year I always show up feeling unprepared and a bit overwhelmed, so this year I decided to have a buddy come over to help me prep for the debauchery. It was a hot crash course and a great reminder of Do’s and Don’ts for random hookups. I definitely need to make sure to drain my nuts before getting there because no one wants a two pump chump. I hadn’t jerked off in a couple days before shooting this vid and ended up busting sooner than I wanted (luckily I can always muster up at least a second load…and I did so don’t worry). Also, everyone has their own ticks and special spots, so be patient and be selfless. If it takes a while for your partner(s) to get hard or cum, whether it be drugs or nerves, be a good slut and ask what makes them squirm. Had I not asked my bud what would help him shoot I wouldn’t have gotten to moisturize my hand in his ass. And lastly, don’t rest on your laurels or become complacent with your skills, you should always push your limits, whether it’s a good experience or bad, in the end you will have learned something new about yourself in the process. Just remember my fellow sluts, practice makes perfect! 

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