Good Pig


After a year and a half hiatus my buddy Dakota is finally back! We ran into each other at MAL in DC this past week and he said that he wanted me to breed him on cam for the first time. He was all about condoms before, but recently has embraced his inner slut and I couldn’t be more thrilled! For real, I’ve wanted to breed his ass since we first met years ago so this has been a long time coming. Being the good pig he is, it was difficult for us to find some time to film something during the weekend (so many people to do, so little time) so we ended up getting raunchy right before we had to check out of the hotel which just made the entire experience al the more fun. And my apologies to the hotel staff, I will be better next time about locking the door…or not. 

Slut Practice


Another MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) is just a few days away and every year I always show up feeling unprepared and a bit overwhelmed, so this year I decided to have a buddy come over to help me prep for the debauchery. It was a hot crash course and a great reminder of Do’s and Don’ts for random hookups. I definitely need to make sure to drain my nuts before getting there because no one wants a two-pump-chump. I hadn’t jerked off in a couple days before shooting this vid and ended up busting sooner than I wanted (luckily I can always muster up at least a second load…and I did so don’t worry). Also, everyone has their own ticks and special spots, so be patient and be selfless. If it takes a while for your partner(s) to get hard or cum, whether it be drugs or nerves, be a good slut and ask what makes them squirm. Had I not asked my bud what would help him shoot I wouldn’t have gotten to moisturize my hand in his ass. And lastly, don’t rest on your laurels or become complacent with your skills, you should always push your limits, whether it’s a good experience or bad, in the end you will have learned something new about yourself in the process. Just remember my fellow sluts, practice makes perfect! 

Twink Breeding


I’ve gotten a lot of requests the past year to fuck a twink on camera and it was one of my 2015 resolutions, so here we go! Tyson practically fell into my lap one night at my boyfriend’s club…but thats mainly because Tyson's a stripper and the stage was slippery. He’s actually a really sweet kid though and told me he was a big fan of the site so I asked if he wanted to make a vid. Like most 21 year olds he was hesitant and really nervous about his face on camera but he also really wanted me and my boyfriend’s dicks so he finally gave in. I was looking for a change of scenery, so last week me and my man met up with Tyson at the strip club before his shift. The staff was setting up upstairs so we filmed in the downstairs lounge/dancefloor (and sorry for the lights being so bright, we had to use the spotlights from the dance floor because it was so fuckin dark). Despite Tyson looking terrified/regretful at some points, he left with a smile on his face and a nice creamy load up his fat juicy ass. 

Dick In A Box


Well, its more like,
"dick sticking out of a box," but the dick was in the box at the beginning.
Anyway, yesterday I was chatting with this hot cubby dude from Worcester
and was horned up per usual. He wanted to fuck and breed me, but I told him
the only way that would happen is if its on camera. The guy wouldn’t
budge on showing his face so I told him I would make a glory hole and he
could just let me service him through that. I suggested that I leave my
door unlocked and he could sneak in and get into place to make the fuck
even more anonymous. I’m sure he was expecting something other than a
make-shift wall made out of quickly wrapped presents…and a dog
cage…but none the less he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself based
off his load at the end. Actually, after watching the footage back
I’m pretty sure he busted in me a first time and just didn’t
say anything, in fact he didn’t talk the entire time which kinda made
it all the hotter for me. Heck, I don’t even know if it was even the
dude from the pictures, but I had fun so thats all that matters! Certainly
one of the most useful Secret Santa gift I’ve gotten in

Stuffing A Redneck


'Tis the season for some stuffing! Stuffing a hot redneck that is. As much as I love my usual run of the mill gay guys, I HAD to bring in Gauge as soon as he hit me up. Being straight, country, and having ink Gauge had me leaking from the moment he sent me some nudes. I knew I had to break him in. His virgin hole had never been popped so I thought I’d break out some heavy dick artillery. I eased him in at first by a jacking off session watching straight porn, but after fucking around with one of my dildos he was ready for the real thing. He may have come here being a country boy, but he left with a little city in him.

Quick Cum Dump


Last week my buddy Luke from NYC came to visit me and my boyfriend because we never really get enough time to properly catch up when we see each other out at various slutty events. We didn’t really plan on shooting anything, but we started hooking up after getting drunk at bar and I remembered how much I loved his dick so I decided that I needed a vid of his raw cock in my ass. Every time we’ve fucked before he wore a condom, but he’s finally been on board with raw-dogging it, so I was really stoked to feel his raw dick in me for the first time. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed getting pounded out by Luke because he always looks angry, even if he’s not, he’s got such a mean face and looks borderline criminal. Since we slept late we didn’t have a lot of time to fuck around before he had to catch his train, but I was still really hungry for that raw dick so I made him pound me out a few different ways real quick before sending him on his way. 

Double Dicking Boyfriends Raw


As much as I enjoy threeways/group sex with random dudes, I truly love being a couple’s play toy. Boyfriends already know what buttons to push to make their mate squirm and it makes for all the better sex. So while I was chilling in SF I met up with my boy Max Cameron and his sexy scruffy man, Jackson Fillmore. Me and Max have been talking about a threeway with his man since we met so I was stoked to finally have the chance. Going into this my main goal was to DP Max, and holy fuck did it feel amazing, but then Jackson kept giving up his hole too so that was just an added bonus! They were such hot, raw sex and an amazing couple; Max even graciously gave up my load to Jackson because he’d already had it before and wanted Jackson to experience what it felt like for my thick seed to be shoved deep into his ass. Now if thats not true love, I don’t know what is!

California Creamin'


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining other deviants in San Fransisco for the Folsom

Street Fair and had a fucking blast! I knew I was getting into town early so I made it my goal to

reconnect with some familiar faces before all the the main festivities. A few days before flying out

I hit up my buddy Leon, who’s a SF local, just to make sure that he was around because I cannot

tell you how much I love his sex. I swear his sex is magical. Originally I was planning on him

fucking me, but when we started fooling around his hole kinda got greedy and kept eating my

dick so I had to eventually just submit to his hole. He’s the kind of lay that you never know if

you’ve given them enough because they just love taking dick and enough is just never enough.

And every time my raw, wet cock came out of his used hole, he’d slam it down his throat without

hesitation just to make sure he got every drop of precum possible. Even after creamin' up his ass

he licked my cock clean to ensure he got all my DNA in him. Leon is truly the living example of

the expression, waste not, want not.

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