Raw Crush Fuck Trailer


When I got to Vegas this hunk of man(Michael Roman) was the first model at the house and it was lust at first site. I pretty much followed him around the entire time like a puppy. He was busy shooting all week, meaning that I couldn’t get into his pants until the last day, so when I finally had my chance I took it…despite that he was hungover and trying to sleep. If I could I would move into his butthole, it is so fucking juicy and perfect, which is probably what contributed to me shooting over his head, and then of course shoving it back in and giving him a few more pumps. Roman soldier for life!

Wreck Me, Seed Me Trailer


While visiting the set of my friend’s porno shoot, one handsome, muscular straight dude caught my eye.  He was banging some lucky boy out with his big fat cock and when I was given a chance to hang out with him, I knew I wanted it.  It had been awhile since I’d been fucked so I asked him to take it easy…  which only made him want to pound my ass hard and deep.  I tried to restrain him, but he kept fucking me until I was regretting my decision.  Of course, after awhile, a little more pleasure started mixing with the pain, and by the time he shot his load on my hole, I was a worn out, sweaty mess!  Straight boys fuck the best!

SubCub Trailer


Been chatting with this handsome, inked-up cub for a while on Twitter. He didn’t get to travel up north much, but now that I’m down in South Florida he happened to be in my neck of the woods. I was already a few brews in when he showed up and then we smoked some weed so I was pretty lit the entire time, hence the shades. All around really sweet guy and a great pair of holes on ‘em. I just love when I get with a dude who will do anything I request!

HungDaddy8x7 Trailer


Even when my brain’s sleeping, my dick is always awake. I have a lot of hardcore sex dreams, and lately the occurring theme: daddies with huge cocks. Can’t get them out of my head. So with the help of the hookup apps I was able to find the perfect candidate to help me get my fix. When I showed up at this guy’s place he had his adorable, furry boy over, so I let the youngin’ film the sexcapades (for my own greedy reasons — all I wanted to do was focus on Dad’s meaty dick). And I’m pretty much a self-masochist, so I only let daddy fuck my face hole, my ass needs to learn to be patient and wait sometimes. Plus its a great mind fuck when sucking a giant dick and just thinking about it sliding up into your guts. Thankfully there’s always a next time!

Sloppy Seconds Trailer


Originally I was planning on just me and Owen going at it, but when my man see’s a hung bottom he gets laser focused and won’t be satisfied until he’s deposited his seed (which is one of the many reasons why I’m madly in love with him). So Owen has a buddy in town, that has a house that might as well be a residential bathhouse, a really fun set-up; slings, trippy lighting, poppers, the works. My man was enjoying Owen’s hole in the sling, so he got most of the vid storage on my phone, but I was mainly just interested in fucking a sloppy used hole anyway. Owen is a true cum slut folks. After fucking him the night before I got text from telling me that his, “…hole was so full of the boyfriend’s load,” and that he squirted it out and ate it when he got home. So if you’re in an extra piggy mood this video should be right up your alley!

JOyride Trailer


I fucking love my new gym down here in Florida. Tons of hot dudes and the locker room is usually great for a quick BJ, however I was not so fortunate with my visit yesterday. I had my camera on hand so I figured I might as well stroke one out in my Jeep (Since I can't film in the temporary place I'm staying...damn you slutty reputation!). I was getting pretty close in the parking lot but people kept wakling by and didn't seem like they wanted to lend a hand. After numerous attempts of jerking while driving, the camera kept falling off the dash so I just ended up pulling into someone's driveway and finishing all over myself. That's right Fort Lauderdale neighbors, you might find me jerking off in your driveway someday, don't fight it.

Horny Travels Trailer


So its official, I’m giving up my stomping grounds in Boston for a while and starting some new adventures with my man down south. Figured I would document our trip, but I kept getting bored and just ended up playing with myself a lot. A load on the ground and a load in the air.

Vines & Finds Trailer


AKA porn for the A.D.D. Found an old hard drive with some gems on it (more like pearl necklaces actually) from vids I had saved from Vine before those mother fuckers suspended my account, and some other home vids I thought I had lost. I know the video isn’t super long, but we all know as men we just need a couple minutes of stimulation. And on the bright side there’s a bunch of clips so its like a ton of loads in one! New debauchery coming soon. 

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