Sloppy Seconds Trailer


Originally I was planning on just me and Owen going at it, but when my man see’s a hung bottom he gets laser focused and won’t be satisfied until he’s deposited his seed (which is one of the many reasons why I’m madly in love with him). So Owen has a buddy in town, that has a house that might as well be a residential bathhouse, a really fun set-up; slings, trippy lighting, poppers, the works. My man was enjoying Owen’s hole in the sling, so he got most of the vid storage on my phone, but I was mainly just interested in fucking a sloppy used hole anyway. Owen is a true cum slut folks. After fucking him the night before I got text from telling me that his, “…hole was so full of the boyfriend’s load,” and that he squirted it out and ate it when he got home. So if you’re in an extra piggy mood this video should be right up your alley!

JOyride Trailer


I fucking love my new gym down here in Florida. Tons of hot dudes and the locker room is usually great for a quick BJ, however I was not so fortunate with my visit yesterday. I had my camera on hand so I figured I might as well stroke one out in my Jeep (Since I can't film in the temporary place I'm staying...damn you slutty reputation!). I was getting pretty close in the parking lot but people kept wakling by and didn't seem like they wanted to lend a hand. After numerous attempts of jerking while driving, the camera kept falling off the dash so I just ended up pulling into someone's driveway and finishing all over myself. That's right Fort Lauderdale neighbors, you might find me jerking off in your driveway someday, don't fight it.

Horny Travels Trailer


So its official, I’m giving up my stomping grounds in Boston for a while and starting some new adventures with my man down south. Figured I would document our trip, but I kept getting bored and just ended up playing with myself a lot. A load on the ground and a load in the air.

Vines & Finds Trailer


AKA porn for the A.D.D. Found an old hard drive with some gems on it (more like pearl necklaces actually) from vids I had saved from Vine before those mother fuckers suspended my account, and some other home vids I thought I had lost. I know the video isn’t super long, but we all know as men we just need a couple minutes of stimulation. And on the bright side there’s a bunch of clips so its like a ton of loads in one! New debauchery coming soon. 

Horny Porch Otters Trailer


Found this footage of me and my boyfriend fucking around with our buddy Stephen on our back porch. I clearly had a few too many drinks this day because I have no recollection of us filming this, so this was a great find! However, I must warn you the birds in the background won’t shut the fuck up, and I had to just mute the sound at some points because my neighbors we’re really living up to their South Boston reputations, and I’m trying to avoid killing your boners over domestic disputes and hoodrats. But none the less, it’s some pretty hot otter on otter on otter action while the neighborhood is going about its business while we take care of ours.

Beer Piss Trailer


I try not to leave out most of the stuff in vids, but sometimes the turn of events gets choppy so I leave some footage out. A lot of times me and a guy will want to get into watersports but usually we get caught up in exploring each other and end up busting our loads before we ever get to it. And sometimes I just drink to many brews and can’t hold out any longer. So heres some hot piss raw footage from my hookup with this sexy ginger piggy. 

Hung Anonymous Load Trailer


Boredom + Horny = Sex Crafting. Normally I turn all of my left over boxes into a fort, but I decided to put them to a more productive use for once. I’d been chatting with this hung guy on and off on a fuck app. He kept teasing me with pics of his fat cock, but he’s got a “professional” job, blah, blah, blah, so he’s always wicked discrete. Finally convinced him to come over when I told him I made a glory hole so his identity would remain secret. No words exchanged, only fluids. 

Raw Otter Stuff Trailer


This past weekend my buddy Stephen Harte was visiting Boston so me and my boyfriend invited him over for a Sunday Funday. We had never met in person, only stalked each other via social media, so I was really excited to finally get a piece of that hot otter meat. Besides being a sexy fucker with the most delicious furry ass, he was an all around really chill dude. I loved the fact that if a dick was out it needed to be in his mouth and I couldn’t get enough of his moaning while I was playing with his hole. He made me feel like a champ. Definitely an otter after my own heart!

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