Behind The Smut: Snack Break


Usually when I record a hookup at the house my man is able to join in on the fun because he works from home, but the day I was filming with Nick Milani he was wicked busy with work so it wasn’t looking like he would be able to join in on the fun and it was bumming out poor fella. But halfway through filming I was overheating and Nick needed snacks so we went inside to cool down, only to discover my man jerking off to us because one of his meetings finished early. So in true young slut fashion Nick was servicing my man’s dick within seconds and did not let him return to work until he worked out my man’s load all over his pretty face.

Doing Otter Things Trailer


I am such a happy otter when Ryan Powers visits here in Fort Lauderdale. He has such a gentle, sweet, chill vibe to him, but when dicks and holes come out you’ll begin to notice he takes on a more aggressive/primal role and I’m all about it haha. In the past I’ve really only been the top for when we’ve fucked, but with my recent desire/determination to be legit 100% verse in 2020, he decided to test the waters and see how far I’m coming along with my ass training. Some posititions are easier than others, but they’re all starting to feel satisifying in their own way. I just want to be able to talk a drilling like so many of my porn heroes, so we have a lot of practicing this year!

Eat Play Shove Trailer


Drenched Trailer


If you use the apps I’m sure you’re no stranger to those handful of guys we go back and forth with, sometimes for weeks, months or even years, but for some reason we can never get on the same schedule. All the while we continue to talk and exchange pics and drive ourselves crazy by describing in graphic detail all of the deviant things we want to do to each other’s bodies. Well, thats been my case for the past year with this sexy tatted otter guy, Gustav…until last week! Over the past year we’d discussed plenty of raunchy things that we wanted to get into, but we would always come back to piss play. So needless to say, after a year of making each other thirsty, we finally got to drown the fuck out of each other.

Bossy & Buzzed Trailer


I’m sure this comes as no surprise, but I haven’t always been the most organized otter. Although I’m usually good about accounting for all of the raw footage after filming a fuck session, every now and then a few clips will fall through the cracks. So a couple days ago while I was cleaning up some hard drives I stumbled upon some footage of me and my otter form another, Chandler Scott. I honestly could not remember filming even one second of this footage, so I asked my Pup if he remembered where/when the footage was from and he couldn’t remember either…even though he was the one filming the entire time. Well, after taking a closer look at the footage it finally hit me, this footage was from first time me and Chandler ever got naked in front of a camera together. I remember at that time I was concerned about looking to sloppy, but we all know now what a hot mess I can be so I figured why not finally share it with you guys.

A Proper Dicking Trailer


I gotta send some love to The Boner Guide for this one folks. Im shitty with who's who in the "industry" so I'm not as privy to who's fresh meat as I used to be, but I'm so thankful this dude was put on my radar. Long story short, The Boner Guide sent out a tweet saying that it would be so hot if me and Leo Rex did a scene together. I hop onto google, find Leo Rex's Twitter account, and I'm in lust, because he's dripping with ink AND has a British accent, so I'm already having serious FOMO. But the dude lives in the UK, and I can't afford that kind of trip, so I just tacked Leo to my fantasy list. And then, the universe decided it had to see us fuck because no more than two weeks later I was in San Fransisco visiting my buddy Nick, creeping on social media, when I saw that Leo just happened to be visiting the same city from the UK. So attention all viewers, tell me about your fantasy pairings and what you want to see, it gets me off getting you guys off, so send in them requests!

I'm So Fucked Trailer


Just a quick little PSA - If you injure your nuts, or think you may have injured your nuts, go to a doctor immediately! Which brings me to one of the reasons why I’ve been aloof. A week before I filmed this update, I was trashed and hopped into my jeep and sat on my nuts. I was so fucked up I didn’t realize I had gotten one of my nuts lodged into my body. It wasn’t until getting home that I noticed there was only one nugget in my sack, so I felt around and popped it back into place and kept on trucking. Coulda-shoulda-woulda gone to the doctors but didn’t. So for the past few months I’ve had to be almost celibate because of the excruciating pain during almost any sexual activity and then doctors’ orders. I did however discover that while my sack couldn’t endure topping, my hole could take a pounding, well, penetrated to say the least. And fortunately Leon Fox was up for the task to help break me back into the bottoming game. I had intended on just pounding out his sweet sweet hole and breeding his guts, but as you’ll see I had to tap out from topping real quick. And if I gotta start taking dicks, Leon’s dick is perfection in my book and he’s one of my spirit animals, so I was off to a good start. Also thank goodness for my porn dad, Nick Moretti, for being there to help me keep my shit together…and to film all the hot sweaty man sex, because as you guys will see in the vid, I’m fuuuuucked up and so focused on that dick and in no condition to be responsible. Sorry for making you gents read so much, I just wanted to catch you up to speed, you can now take out your dicks and watch my hole get wrecked.

Jetlagged and High Trailer


Usually I hold off on posting extra footage until after the main update has come out, but this time around I felt it made sense to post this first. When I showed up at my buddies place in SF I hadn’t slept the night before so I did some lines to fight off the jetlag. Well, what I thought was something was actually another, and then it felt like the building wouldn’t stop swaying for a good while. Eventually I came too and was horny as fuck, but my balls had still been killing me. So while we were waiting for my buddy, Nick, to come over and film us, Leon serviced and slopped all over my cock in his kitchen. I think one of my favorite things about Leon is his facial expressions when he’s around a naked man. Insatiable and lusting can only scratch the surface for his hunger for man parts.

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